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old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

WOYWW - an improvement

I have had a tidy up..... I will wait until you have picked yourself up off the floor before I carry on...

OK Now??

 are you impressed??? OK I know some of you (esp Mrs Butler abroad) will still think it is disorganised, but for me this is very organised - in fact my desk is always organised, I know where everything is...
I should have swivelled and taken a picture to my left, cos that has all been rearranged and sorted, no point turning to the right because that is OH's space and he is SO untidy :-P

Having said that I have turned a few degrees to the right in this next picture, its a WIP for Andy S's Timeworn course I am doing - this will be the final piece using some of the techniques we have learnt

No idea where it came from but I had the idea of a long abandoned Tea-tray, My house is fit to burst with my old tat so I thought I better start working on some outside art. I have the romantic vision of a long gone relative sitting in the garden with a cup of tea  reading his books - he left the tray behind and it has now been found - very weather worn - I often worry about how my mind works...

So though I did have a tidy up yesterday - it didnt last long, so maybe this is the real WOYWW!

How about a WOYD(og)W? My poor baby is sporting this rather fetching sparkly pink outfit atm after having a OP last week - cant say she is looking overly impressed about it, or maybe she is just practicing her Naomi Campbell pout....

Off to work some more on the 'tray' will see you all next Wednesday but will visit as many of you as I can during the week x 


  1. Lovely clean desk, your art pages look fab, and I love the dogs PINK collar Bless her, Happy Easter, Hugs May x x x x

  2. I'm having trouble leaving a message on your blog. I think your work space is VERY neat. I've seen it a LOT worse. Of course, I'm a neat freak, so we all know about that.

    BTW, I am teaching that same AB class on my blog, but I've rewritten most of what I've done so far. It was fun to remember what we did back then, though. Happy WOYWW from #6.

  3. too... it keeps jumping! Very VERY tidy!! but a very long code that I keep getting wrong! Quick spill some ink or pull out some papers, it's making me nervous!! Thanks for my snoop, Happy Easter!
    HaPpY WoYwW!
    ((Lyn)) at #22

  4. Hi Nicks I must confess to falling off your tidy desk and I found myself in your Octopode story book. It is fabulous. I would love to read it to a child. They would definitely be inspired - as am I. Thank you and Happy WOYWW from Helen 29

  5. Wow, I am impressed! Your poor pup, though, she looks so pathetic and pouty!


  6. Yup! Super tidy indeed! I like your long containers filled up chockablock with pens and stuff! Tell your pup he's mastered the pout! I'm impressed about that as well! :^) Patsy #20

  7. Hi Nicks long time no see - there must be something in the air - as I too have a tidy space - but I have lost my MOJO has it come to live at yours - loving your baby's head gear poor love and yes she gets 10 / 10 for the pout Happy crafting lv Liz #45 :o)

  8. I am very impressed with your tidyness! Hope your poor pup loses her collar soon - but her pout is as impressive as your tidy desk!
    Helen, 18

  9. wow what a super organised and tidy space, cant wait to see what you do with the tea tray.

    Thanks for sharing
    Becky @68

  10. Brill idea for the tray - can see it will be wonderful and itching to see the finished piece.
    I quite like the pink collar but obviously she doesn't, hope it is soon off and she is bounding about - she looks like a 'boundy, bouncy doggy.

    Ann B

  11. Loving that desk looks bit too tidy but loveee the following one.Oh your poor babe looks so sad for himself with his wee pink collar.Can't wait to see the altered tray
    Have fab wednesday and great week hugs judex 16

  12. I love your sense of humour...I was chuckling away to myself. ;D
    You've got quite a bit of stuff there Nicks but looks like a lot of fun!
    I think your baby is going for the sympathy vote...she's got mine ^..^
    Thanks for letting me take a peek at your desk.
    Have a Happy Easter break ~ Neesie #32

  13. Lovely creativity going on there!!!

    Miriam #107

  14. *picks self up off the floor* Wow... It must be a mirage! Just kidding! It's nice once in a blue moon to get everything all tidied up. Your poor baby is most certainly not impressed with her fancy neck ornament! Perhaps a wee bit more sparkle & bling is wanted? Happy WOYWW! warmly Tracy #28

  15. You have been tidying! Ooo poor pooch, looks so cute. Take care, & enjoy peeking at the WOYWW desks this week. Zo xx 78

  16. Poor dog....looks not impressed!
    As for the tidy desk....almost OCD its so tidy....glad to see the 'real' WOYWW desk showed its true colours later!

    Thanks for sharing
    kyla #104

  17. Oooh the tray sounds great - cant wait to see it finished! Thanks for sharing. Have a great Easter - Sunshine Girl No. 57

  18. oh bless her, she looks proper miffed lol, gorjuss tidy desk, we all know where are bits are dont we lol - thanks for the peep

    Judie no 121

  19. Whew! I was worried when I saw that terribly clean space. I could never work in that much clean! Love the pink collar on your pooch. Hope the puppy gets to feeling better soon! Thanks for sharing! WOYWW #31

  20. Love the forgotten tea tray idea Nicks. Looking forward to seeing the final version!

    Are those big puppy dog eyes working on you? They worked on me, I was looking round for a doggy treat the minute I saw her picture.....and I haven't got a dog.

    TFS. Lisa :)

  21. **thud** you tidied!!!! then you messied.. yay! Gotta go for the messy look hun, it is so much easier to keep stuff messy lol Poor little poochie, a big hug for her from Aunty Hels x

  22. Well if anyone can weave a story and then create the piece to go with it, it's you, I love the idea! Your desk looks scary in the tidy position, I don't like it!!

    Btw, am I the millionth to tell you that your email account has been write to meat least twice a day with helpful links, and I kinda know that you don't have time!!

  23. oops sorry visited the wrong work desk

  24. Ha ha Netty. Hello Nicks, haven't visited for quite a while, good to see you are still churning out the old tat!! Love the idea for your tea tray, you need to get in touch with someone designing a garden at Chelsea. they could do a whole garden based on your forgotten tea tray (sorry private garden designer joke). I like the tidy desk, I always knew you could rise to a challenge. And does that colour come in turquoise? Pink is so not my colour. LOL. Cindy #67

    1. Sorry that is supposed to say collar. Sort of ruined my attempt to be funny.

  25. I think this may be my first visit. Looks like you've been busy. Hope your puppy is back to her normal self soon...she does look a bit sad!

    Thanks for sharing.

  26. I like the before and after shots of the desk. Poor doggy, get well soon x
    Sophie no.71

  27. great looking desk this week. Hope that the puppy gets that pink thing off soon cause she doesn't look really happy with it. Hope you have a Happy Easter. VIckie #60

  28. Just hopping by to check out your desk. a day late sorry! wow what a clean desk. poor baby and that darn pink thing. hope all goes well !
    Peggy #122

  29. Move over're a goner babe!!


  30. Top photo looks good, but the bottom is more creative... Poor baby looks like she wants to escape. #26

  31. Two shots of one desk - entirely opposite! Interesting. Not so the poor little doggy in the pink outfit - hope that doesn't last too long - do they do blue for the boy dogs?
    I'm late this week, real life got in the way - Happy Easter anyway. Hugs, Neet #10

  32. You cant have finished the tray last Thursday or I might have got a peep LOL
    But hey I cant wait to see it .

  33. Thank you for following me, I'm really glad you did because I love your blog, and I love the way you write, you're funny. The pic of your dog how unfortunate it may be, really made me laugh, her expression is hilarious, hope she's better soon. Michelle x


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