Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

WOYWW and Happy Birthday to...

 Ian.... guess how old he is!!

I bet your bottom dollar he doesn't do as he is told!

I bet he has looked inside his 'card' - bad boy!

Some of my lovely regular visitors to my blog will remember that I like to use blocks of wood in my work - for this card I used the wood from a wooden stamp that I unmounted - clever idea eh?? Its not my idea it was in this months Craft Stamper mag - finally I will be persuaded to remove my stamps from the wood - I find this as hard to to as some people find chopping up books hard - silly really because I hardly ever use my wooden stamps because they are stored in boxes and its a pain to get them out

Anyway back to my desk this week, It is actually a bit (in the loosest sense of the word) tidier, what you can see is a green bag which is filled with goodies from The Craft Barn which I visited last weekend. I went down to see the Bessie as it was her birthday and we decided to go to Sheffield Park Gardens in Sussex - well you go past The Craft Barn and it would be extremely rude not to call in don't you think??
Here is a quick snap of a swing to the left in my room... you need lots of  interesting stuff like this when you do courses with Mr Skinner..!!

Talking of Sir Skinner, I have almost finished project number one of The Evil Elixir course .. pop back tomorrow and I will blog the woodland lady ... 


  1. Love what you have made it is fab!!!wow have great week hugs trace x 20

  2. what a great work desk, and what a great card!!
    have a creative week :)
    no. 37

  3. Yes it would have been rude not to have called in the craft barn and how nice that the other half indulged you haha
    Lynn. 32
    One I made earlier today

  4. Yes, you can't go by the Craft Barn and not call in - are you going to the Extravaganza next month? I haven't been to Sheffield Park Gardens for years (since I don't have a car) but I bet it wass beautiful. Love the birthday card! helen, 4

  5. I love the card. And what a great way to use the wood blocks. I love Sheffield park. Just about looking its best I should think with all the rhododendrons coming into flower.
    How are you getting on with the work shop? I am yet to start it as need to finish some other projects. There just is not enough time.

  6. Happy 59 birthday to Ian! Wonderful card!


  7. Is he 59 by any chance? lol. Mr Skinner is one seriously talented guy, I so envy you taking his classes but I dare not venture into any other side of crafting until I have mastered the side I am in! Great card.

    Happy WOYWW, Anne #9

  8. Great birthday make, and an interesting cupboard! Take care & enjoy WOYWW. Zo xx 66

  9. A really Great card and a belated happy birthday to Sparkles. Looking forward to seeing your woodland lady is it anything like the one I did, will be interesting to see how you did yours.

  10. An AmAzing creation... I think he must be 59? love it!! Hugs May x x x#26

  11. Very nice and beautiful Nicks.

    Greetings Janny

  12. Gorgeous card and very clever idea too, oh would love to visit the caft barn. Hugs, manda #76

  13. Great looking card and of course he is going to look inside....
    Now I would love to see what is actually IN that green bag...

    Have a good WOYWW and happy hopping

  14. Smashing card and as soon as you say do not look inside of course we all do don't we....I'm with Astrid...........whats in the green bag....xx

  15. What a clever card! How could he resist the temptation to take a peeksie inside? Your desk looks tidy to me! Happy WOYWW! By the sounds of this Craft Barn, me thinks those of us across the pond could use such a store. Warmly, Tracy #88

  16. That card is so great! And made with a wood mount you say? That's a great use of a wood mount! Yep, no way the birthday boy or anyone else could resist the temptation to look inside. I'm glad you stopped by the Craft Barn. It would have been rude not to.


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