Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Too scared to show you my actual desk because I have made art on top of the mess that was there last week, just pushed it back a bit more so it piled up, toppled a bit, fell a bit so got pushed back a bit and so the story goes round again.

So I thought I would share three bottles that are at the moment in their virgin state but are as we speak being prepped ready for altering 'Evil Elixir' style with Sir Andy Skinner's online course

Things I do for my art... I had to empty this one...
 And this one is a perfume bottle I have had kicking around my studio for a while ...

Andy suggests that we have a 'stunt double' ie a spare bottle to practice on

These are both my stunt doubles (or is one a treble?)

The actual bottle I want to work on proper, is this one, that my OH rescued from being thrown out at a local laboratory - some people with veru good memories my remember I made a Steampunk Father Christmas with a similar bottle a couple of christmas's ago when I was a guest designer for The Artistic Stamper

No idea as yet how this is going to turn out - I will give it some thought as I drive down the motorway this weekend on the way to see Mrs Bessie ....

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  1. Yes, yes, yes....arty stuff is all very well....I want to know who owns the legs I can see dangling from the windowsill on the last photo.......;)

    Looking forward to seeing the finished bottle!

  2. Hope you have a great time away! Look forward to seeing the bottles transformed - any or all of them! helen #9

  3. Have a good time away & look forward to you showing us the finished altered bottles soon.
    Happy Crafting Jill #52

  4. I just signed up of Andy's painty class in june :) but funny enough I have 2 out of these 3 bottles! maybe I picked the wrong class! {just kidding} Look forward to seeing your After results
    minxy #76

  5. Can't wait to see those bottles finished!! That lab one is a real find!

    Have a great week and happy hopping!
    Astrid #20

  6. What amazing shaped bottles? I do hope you will show us what you make with them as they will look fab :)

    Have a fab WOYWW and a lovely week, Hugs, Karen xx #49

  7. Hi Nicks looks like you are about to have some fun! I am not good at test runs. I am not sure why may be impatient to get to the best bit asap! Hope your messy pile doesn't need scaffolding by next week!! Happy WOYWW to you Helen 50

  8. Great bottles, especially the perfume one. Andy is so talented isn't he? Have fun doing the course. thanks for the snoop. Anne #2

  9. Hmmm..getting in the mood with Disaronno?*lol* I am excited to see what you *incubate* about the bottles.(:o)

  10. Look forward to seeing the finished pieces. I like the idea of altering bottles. Take care, enjoy WOYWW this week, I know I will! Zo xx 73

  11. now altering bottles sounds like a very cool thing to do!! Will be looking out for the results! Trish #60

  12. What wonderful shapes they all are. Sandy :) #63

  13. Great bottles, boy are you going to have fun doing your bottles and I look forward to seeing them finished!

  14. Love the shape of those bottles... Can't wait to see what you do with them!!! Hugs May x x x#31

  15. am intrigued to what you are going to do with them
    have a fab crafty woyww
    kay #28

  16. cant wait to see the finished project, will be there in the forum as taking part as well. have my stunt bottles but no final one yet. happy woyww

  17. cool bottles can't wait to see what you do with them. have a great day

  18. I love the idea that you made art on top of what was already on your desk... Inspiration can't wait for a clutter free space! you are amazing, the bottles idea scares me to you really enjoy all the thinking and plotting that you put into it...and then...launch! have fun.

  19. It will be very interesting to see what you do with the bottles - I love that second one - thanks for sharing (Hazel, WOYWW #95) x

  20. Great bottles..........oooh the sacrifices you have made Nicks all for the sake of art.....looking forward to seeing what you do with them. x


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