Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Friday, 12 September 2008

Good result, Nice news and a bit of tat!

Well if you read my blog a few days ago you would have seen that I was asked to hold a workshop with the Teachers and TA's at my sons school...... Mmmmm teaching teachers quite a challenge! Anyway it went brilliantly, so much so that they have asked me to do one each term for them, so I am chuffed. Was an interesting exercise, my pet hate with workshops is when you are expected to do the exact same project as the person holding the workshop. The very first workshop I went to I was actually told off for putting a peel off Happy Birthday sticker in a different place to the teacher! I believe techniques should be shared and then people can copy if they want to, or much better still to put their own stamp on it (no pun intended!) Anyway last night everybody's work was different and most interesting when things went a bit awry (not wrong) they all seemed able to adapt it and 'cover their mistake' -- is this the teacher in them being able to adapt to the situation?? --- Anyway that was the 'Good Result' bit

'Nice News' - I am so chuffed, an Art Student at a local school has to study an Artist as part of their coursework, it doesn't have to be a famous Artist, which is just as well, cos guess who they have asked...
And a bit of Tat, I was supposed to be doing some housework today ....
but after running about doing a few chores and cooking dinner for tonight I ran out of enthusiasm so had a play in my craft room... working on the principle that the dust will still be there when I have pegged it.
I haven't altered a Slide Mailer for ages and I wanted to make a RAK for someone so I killed two birds with one stone. As usual I had no idea what I was going to do when I sat down, it just kind of happened. The mailer was dabbed with a Rangers Dabber in butterscotch, which is my favourite alcohol ink colour, but in paint it looks like diarrhoea, so I sprayed it whilst still wet with Glimmer mist and dried with my heat gun then sprayed again with a gold GM. Lovely effect!
The slide is not a glass one but an acrylic slide. I find these much easier to stamp on. The background to the slide is the paper I used to protect my desk, whilst painting and spraying. I looks really effective. Other than that there are a couple of homemade split rings which the padlock goes through, some stamping/embossing/friendly plastic and micro beads. I hope the recipient likes it!


  1. Sounds like your hatred of peel offs comes from a bad experience then !LOL
    Love the project its brill

  2. oooh Nicks how wonderful to have been picked by an art student!.so glad the teachers teaching went fab! X

  3. Great slide mailer, love the colours. Well done on being chosen as a study project! Dee x

  4. I'm glad to hear your workshop went well, and what an honour to be chosen to be studied! (Great mailer too!)

  5. sparkles simple stuff14 September 2008 at 13:21

    no comment 'cos they are getting boring now PMSL
    Sparkles x

  6. you two are so unfunny dunno why I like you!!

  7. well.. i think its fantastic

  8. It's a great mailer Nicks...and congrats....for everything you're achieving!

  9. the recipient bloody LOVES it, thank you so much!

    it loks fab in the photos but up close it's a little masterpiece :)

    and that Paper Artsy stamp on the front is one of my absolute favourites :) and it's true, you know!

    Your art raffle entry is also even more amazing up many clever details - LOVE the embossed mesh connecting the two panels - and hole punched dymo??? genius!!!

    you do realise that if you send your stalker gifts, it will only encourage her?? :D

  10. Ha ha, funny comments. Love it Nicks, love that quote too. Wow you have been busy, I can't have been over here for ages all this great stuff to look at.


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