Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Sunday, 9 November 2008

43 Days till Christmas

and so much that I want to do, doubt it will all get done in time! making peoples pressies seems such a good idea at the time but in reality I should start in July! Getting frustrated with one pressie, cos it is just not going to plan, well it's got two choices, either it will work or it will hit the bottom of the bin and the intended recipient will get a box of smeillies from Marks! Well I have got a couple of free hours tomorrow so I will get stuck in before I join Edward for lunch at school... yummy Roast beef and my mate is a cook at the school so I may get seconds if I am good.

Just a couple of things to upload.. a Birthday Card and 'matching brooch' that I made for one of the funniest people I know, whom I think likes my old tat,

and a err.... what is it?? Well i dunno so doubt she will, another bit of Tat for a friend who I don't think 'gets' my stuff but I made it for her anyway! I like to think of these lovely ladies as 'Fallen Angels' but isn't the paint fab?? well you can't probably tell how luscious it is, but trust me it is.

Citadel Paint, used by people to paint their gaming figures.. was called Dungeons and Dragons in my day, but not sure what you call it now. Whatever the paint is just awesome!

Off to the NEC this weekend, for just a little bit of retail therapy, as I have OH and DD in tow it won't be much, but I am determined only to spend money if I see something a little bit different. Not holding my breath though, the arty world seems to be lacking something different/new........ or is it just me?

Right............... wish me luck with this dastardly project that I wish I never started but want to finish.

I will just get that out of the way and then will have to start on the SSO's birthday pressie... think I may just have a nervous breakdown and then I will have an excuse to get her smellies from Marks!


  1. the paint is indeed fab

    but those pierced nipples are making my eyes water! lol

  2. Hi Nicks, really enjoyed looking through your blog, your Altered shopping trolley is AMAZING !! Do you sell the clocks? I'd love to have a go at Altered Art, though if you looked at what i make you would probably think....what? lol xx

  3. i shouldnt worry about my birthday tat as the tat i produce you know your gonna do something sooo much better

    would you like some coffee or cake!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. excellent Heidi, does that mean I can get you smellies from Marksies?

  5. Hi Just taking a peep at you see what you are up to........ You have some lovely art Nicks... Love it.
    I went to NEC Sunday.... not much in the way of altered grunge.. I was a little dissopointed this time. was very tiring..
    Sharon xx

  6. Oh Ive only just seen thisMadame Norfolk..fallen Angel am I ha ha ha
    I do appreciate your talent, ?I think what you do is good just not my taste. Having said that my 'thingy' is on my sentimental shelf in my craft room so there! lol xx

  7. come on you must know me by now - classy chick so Aldi smellies for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Love your altered art. The clocks and everything are really inspiring. What is your brooch made from / is it an altered domino / This is my kind of blog and i am going to follow.
    Have a lovely week
    Hugs J x

  9. Love your fallen angel, the paint is superb! Great blog :-)

  10. Hi Nicks, thanks for popping over to my blog :)

    The fallen angel looks great, i know what you mean about the paint. I use it for projects here at home, there are so many colours at Games Workshop (they call the things they do Warhammer nowadays). Never been into it myself, too much like grown men running around like kids lol......but i love the artwork they do on the figures.

    Apparently the paint is just normal acrylic, but they put it in Games Workshop pots and sell it for more lol....thats what a shop owner told me anyway. However the paint is lovely to work with and you've done a beautiful job with yours.


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