Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Good The Bad and The Ugly.

Been away on our summer Holidays to Bonnie Beautiful Scotland, the land of Mr and Mrs McMidge and their son master Tic, they send their regards to you all! Now the thing about Holidays is that you are worn out before you go packing for everyone... did you know I (yes me) forgot to pack Matt's Hat and Book he wanted to take, I must try harder next year (if I take him LOL!) .... you rush around like a blue arsed midge catching all the sites you want to see while you are there and then you have days of washing and sorting when you come home, whilst getting DD ready for her first Guide Camp and the next family trip away... now someone tell me where/when do you actually get the rest and relaxation done?
We had a lovely lovely time though, aside from a few injuries and mishaps along the way!

One of the highlights (for me anyway) was coming across quite by accident a 'Sculpture Trail' in some woodland. Have a look at this slideshow and check out his website, it really blew me away but you have to be there to get the full beauty. Thought Provoking stuff!

Not any crafting done, but had fun with my camera while the kids played in countless rivers. I could bore you with the other 2000, but maybe not!

Oh I did have a quick welding lesson

And for all of you that think the Loch Ness Monster doesn't exist, let me tell you, she most certainly does and I have proof!

Now back to my lack of Mojo... even Matt commented that I hadn't done anything for a while.... well take a look at my craft room, do you think this may be the reason?? I hang my head in shame!

Off to tidy up and see if the inspiration in hiding under the new cutting mat!

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  1. Scotland looked lovely and I too don't do any crafting when my craft area (I unfortunately don't have a whole room) is untidy. I have craft areas in what doubles up as my office, so shame on you, you lucky girl, ha ha I am sure you WILL be inspired when you tidy up, I always do and you forget what you have got when everything is all over the place. Good luck!

  2. Trouble with tidying is you can't find anything when you want it cos you've tidied it away.......

    and would you PURLEASE become a mind reader in time for the next get away and remember what the kids want to take with them that they haven't told you about????? (Crystal ball in the post to you tomorrow......)

  3. Hey Nicks! Did you take all those amazing photographs?? I love, love, love the first one of the loch - so serene, so very beautiful! My studio is looking a bit shabby at the moment too. Today is my day to clean it up...sigh...but how else do you rediscover the goodies, aye?

  4. Hope the break did you all good .
    fantastic pics x

  5. Fabulous picks.
    I will come and help tidy your craft room - I got a lot of space in my car boot....! Debs H

  6. You tidy it all away - wasting precious crafting time...
    .....then you get it all out again!
    waste of crafting time! lol Debs H

  7. What a fabby craft room! Tidier than my craft table top!
    Scotland looks amazing, brilliant time and - oh, shame about the bitey critters :-(

    Susan (ND)


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