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old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

WOYWW..... I'm a solderin' and a sewin'

Now then People, you have got to admit that (for me) this looks almost organised... I did have to clear some space to actually get the machine on my desk (and I have to admit, I did have to clear some floor space to get to the desk) but I didn't do the - push it all back method - I put it away!
My textile mentor Katherine made me two beautiful canvases for my Birthday (which she has now blogged) and she also gave me a free stitching foot (is that what you call them?) for my machine, a very opportune gift because I had a piece of Tyvek from last months DT pack,, which I had already, painted and ironed to distort it, and had the idea of trying to stitch around the 'bubbles'  - I can still hear the Dragon of a woman, my Needlework Teacher at school, voice ringing in my ear 'Nicola try it on a piece of scrap fabric first'  well I didn't pay any attention to the woman then, and I am not paying any attention to her now, I just went in head first and stitched straight onto my precious piece of Tyvek, luckily I am really pleased with the result.
Swinging to the right, you will see I have my box of soldering supplies out, that's because I burnt the edges of the Tyvek to roughen them up a bit, I thought it was a much safer bet than using a heat gun on it, and I was right, it worked really well, so I added a couple of extra holes as well. You can also see the Morsbags I have been making and are ready to be sent off on Friday after I have drawn the blog candy draw... take a look at the post a few down and add you name if you would like to be in with a chance of winning one.

Now onto the exciting part...
This months DT pack has arrived.......
lots of scrummy stuff to play with, Watch this space!


  1. Wow, Nicks. I love the tyvek and it makes me think I should be painting and burning some. I guess I should try a soldering iron rather than a heat gun. Thanks for the advice.

    Your work table is quite tidy this week. Sewing will cause that, I guess. Happy WOYWW.

  2. Oooh luscious! And your free motion stitching is fab. I'm not sure where my attempts at it are after throwing them in a fit of pique! Lol.

  3. when will you grt the hint noone wants your blog candy

  4. love seeing what's on your desk today nick...hugs kath xxx

  5. Wowzer Nicks that is super duper amazingly tidy!!! I am super impressed. Joey.x

  6. Love the Tyvek, it looks fabulous. Love the desk this week - sewing a soldering; great!
    Anne x

  7. oops just in case you thought I didn't know what I was talking about, that should be 'sewing AND soldering' hehe
    Anne xx

  8. Does look sort of tidy for you !
    love the tyvek its fab x

  9. I just love that Tyvek, but have know idea what it is, but love it any way. So clever! Feeling very inadequate, am bowing to your talent.

  10. I think you had the same sewing teacher as me!! The times I had to take out the TACKING stitches because they weren't straight or the same size!!! I took a WHOLE year just tacking two sides together and machining them only to be told umpteen times to 'unpick it!' She wanted me to continue with it the following year, but I lied and told her my mum helped me finish it... and then that the dog chewed it up when she wanted to see it..(we didn't have a dog!) She gave up in the end I spent my time in the art room. I still had to do the exams tho' but surprisingly didn't come bottom of the class! Love Your Tyvek, but have no idea what it is!! ((Lyn))

  11. No, that was MY sewing teacher, who nearly managed to put me off for life! Tyvek is fabulous stuff innit, and I love your stitching around the bubbles, not to mention your impeccably tidy desk!

  12. LOL Spyder, I think we must hae been at school together...

    Thank you anonymous for your comment, I will take it on board, but please be brave enough to post as yourself if you feel your comment it valid, I do know who you are

  13. Love seeing sewing machines in action on a few desks.
    A x

  14. ooooh Nicks ... I wanna come play ... a girl needs machinery :0)

  15. I'm with you and Spyder - my needlework teacher had 'issues with me', despite Never Tacking A Thing, at age 11 I could speedily put in a zip and 'dispose of fullness' (pleating/gathering tucking etc) to perfection without needing to spend hours thinking about it or having precision pinning and tacks in place (my Mum taught me as a toddler - on a hand driven Singer - my first 'job' was turning) - I remember my first and last conversation (with my teacher not my mother) first lesson secondary school -
    Her: what makes you think you are too good to ignore the need to be careful?
    me: is this good enough? thrusting zippered item upwards for inspection (still a bit angry from recent holiday events)
    her: pause - blush - 'well yes '
    me: then why waste time pinning and tacking?
    her - 'what an attitude you have young lady', 'what would your mother say'?
    me: my mother died in the summer holidays but she taught me to sew before she died (true)
    her: silent for the next two years..... is too short to be too careful

  16. Love your tidy space today, seems we all had the same sewing teachers!

  17. Hi Nicks
    you said just what i was going to,if you have something to say have the balls to put your name down for it!!
    Great desk piccies, hun, i just look at my sewing machine n it goes wrong! lol, luvin all the greens in ya DT box, have good day hun, sue,x

  18. just the same old wowwy stuff lol

    [note to anon. I would like her candy, bit I do get fab stuff]

    Sparkles [your Bessie Mate]

  19. Dear Anonymous
    Do be reminded that everything on cyberspace is recorded forever and you are creating evidence against yourself.

    Energy is far better spent on people that make you happy than wasted being nasty to people.

  20. lol Nicks, I had that teacher too!!! All I made in needlework class is a nighty in seersucker material - and it was awful!!! lol My junior school needlework teacher definitely gave up on me. And to this day, it takes me all my time to sew a button on! lol

    As for "anonymous" - well I would like your blog candy any day Nicks as would any person in their right minds. Bit "fishy" that they are not prepared to post their name or ID isn't it?
    Linkon (or Lynn if you prefer lol)

  21. Nicks I love Tyvek it is fabulous stuff thanks for the inspiration - must get mine out of hiding and get cracking - I love what you have done and the colours are so vibrant - oooo I would love some blog candy (show your face annonymous!!!)

  22. Great desk this week, and very tidy! lol tyvek is brill stuff, have some envelopes somewhere... she says going off to look :(
    Hugs x

  23. Your life is just like a huge box of chocolates you know? I just never know what I'm gonna get when I arrive here! Today it's an amazingly clean desk! They wrap houses in Tyvek on this side of the pond, before they put the siding on... yours looks so much better though!


    Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday.

  24. Hi Nicks - why is it when I'm about to clean up my desk, I find you? Your desk shot on my blog grabbed my attention immediately. It must be my guilty conscience. Ha ha! Anyway...what is a DT pack? How do I get one? That tyvek has come out just gorgeous!!!

  25. Love the Tyvek. Tell me, why did all sewing teachers have to be such dragons?!!!! Your DT package is causing interest ... cannot wait to see what you create this month. I know for sure it will be incredible. Lynne M x

  26. Oh, a woman with heat tools! That is definitely hot! Tee Hee. I have a group of ladies that get together regularly to experiment in fiber. Our motto is ...And then we set it on fire. We even started a blog with that name.

    1. agreed. that's why it is called a hot iron or hot gun.


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