Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I'm late I'm late for a very important date.....

I started this project ages awhile ago, and then life took over and I never managed to get it finished in time for its original purpose of entering it into the Craft Stamper Competition, but whilst attempting a tidy up in the craft room today I decided to finish it off so thought I would share it with you anyway. Hey whilst writing this I have realised the background is green, so I can enter it into Hels' Sunday Stamper Challenge, so all is not lost!

As you can see it is an altered book. I love to see books that are a bit worse for wear because they have been read, and re-read and well loved. I don't think this readers digest book had actually ever been read, but it now looks like it has!
I cut a hole in the pages to accommodate a 'house clock' and each chipboard tile has been coloured with distress inks, stamped and then triple embossed with clear UTEE. Its a busy book, with well thumbed pages, and I like to think as the title suggests it has been read 'Time and Time Again'

The cover is a bit rough and ready - I didn't want it to be perfect as it was supposed to be well handled and maybe even shoved in a bag everyday to be read on the train to work or as in my OH's case, shoved done the side of the loo - I never understand the attraction of reading on the toilet, think its a man thing!  - The cover is made from Grungepaper - grungepaper/board doesn't really care for heat embossing, but in this project that was perfect because it curled the edges somewhat - It does however like being stamped on - take a look at this gorgeous stamps I bought from The Artistic Stamper - great aren't they!! I didn't know quite what I would use them for when I bought them, but knew I had to have them .... hey presto they are just perfect for this project! They are quite detailed and I was really impressed how well they stamped onto GP.

Perhaps I better start on an entry for the CS now for 2011, then I may get it done in time!!

Oh just noticed my clock is a bit wonky in the photo - that will be because I havent fixed it in properly yet, it will be straight once i find my magnetic strip to keep it in place but easily removable for battery changes etc, so please pretend you didnt notice that LOL


  1. It's fantastic Nicks! What a pity it's too late for the CS competiton. I was so engrossed at looking at all the different bits inside, I forgot it was an altered book - it's truly amazing!

  2. Wow it is lovely, what a talented lady you are..Joyce x

  3. Am sure this would have been a winner Nicks in the CS mag. Its perfectly brilliant, you are just the best my girl. Hugs Annette x

  4. As always, your work is fabulous. You should open a shop!

  5. Oh Mate what a shame it would have been a winner for sure !
    I love it of course x

    Reading in the loo is definitely a man thing Ben does it all the time and says its the only place he can read in peace LOL .
    I have course have better things to do !

  6. I always love your work Nicks, especially the pieces you have done for me, they are on display all the time in my lounge and are greatly admired by everyone who calls. The Readers Digest book you have just completed is yet another work of art. Ejay. xxx

  7. OMG, Nicks, this is .... D~flipping-VINE!!!! Thanks for joinin in with the Sunday Stamper... I have an old book half finished... you have SO inspired me to get a wiggle on and get it finished!! Hugs hun xx


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