Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A bit behind the times... but got there eventually !

I know everybody and his wife have been making Grungepaper flowers for simply forever - and when a crafty mate came to play yesterday she was amazed I had never made one. We are both suffering from very  serious but hopefully not incurable theoldmojohasgonemissingitus, so we got on and had a go - the result you can see on my desk this morning.

not sure I should give you a close up because I do really need quite a lot more practice!
Oh hang it - I'll share but please promise not to laugh!!! Its sitting  beside one that either Hels or Jennie made and I got as a bonus for spending a load of dosh with them at Ally Pally last year - NO prizes for guessing which one is theirs LOL (though any eagle eyed ones amongst you may have spotted it before as I wore it as a buttonhole at my SIL's wedding)

OY!!! I told you not to laugh!!!

Back to the desk, there is a WIP in the guise of a giveaway for OWOH which starts soon - I left it last night waiting for the masking fluid to dry and i will have another play with it hopefully later today when I am back from taking DD to yet another hospital appointment.

and lastly - I seem to have a little helper on my desk who doesn't look too impressed at being flashed at early in the morning!

Happy WOYWW to everyone - if you don't have a scooby at what I am on about click on the linky watsit in my sidebar and have a nosey!


  1. Nicky, your rose is boootiful! and no idea which of our roses the other is , but am guessing mine unless Hels knows better!! lol Welcome to the world of grungepaper roses:))))

  2. lol jennie you need to see it close up

  3. Hi Nicky,

    That's some new medical terminology Gorgeous roses and wonderful workspace..lovin your kitty helper.

    Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #23 Happy WOYWW

  4. They both look lovely and I can't tell which is which! Not hear if grungepaper roses, but will need to go and find out ...

  5. The rose looks ok to me - bet you'll make loads now!

  6. I love the "hurry up and take the dame picture woman" face your cat is expressing lol

    As for the flower, no laughting here, in fact i've no idea who's is who's!
    Happy Wednesday Nicks
    Minxy #2

  7. Hi Nicks
    im lacking mojo since the xmas break, i have only done one grunge rose!! They both look fab hun, luv the helper, lol, happy 2011, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (25)

  8. It's fab Nicks, I can't tell. You've done one more than I have!

  9. Fabulous workspace! Is kitty getting tips? Kim

  10. Looks fab to me Nick, I also have never made a grunge flower, they do look rather nice tho!

  11. Looks great to me too. I have just had to coax my cat off some dried hydrangeas he was molesting...your kitty looks very well-behaved.
    Sue xx 67

  12. What fab flowers you have to show us today :-) Happy WOYWW.
    A x

  13. Poor cat, keep your clothes on in future, he had to shut his eyes. Roses both look lovely, I was a grungy rose virgin too until Jennie did a wonderful crafty class a few months ago!

  14. Your rode is beautiful, much better than i would be able to do.
    Happy WOYWW
    Tertia 93

  15. beautiful roses. and love the desk all the jars and tins and bins and things. Wish I could have a cat helper again but allergist says no. : (

  16. Your's is the one on the left, no the right, no the left, no the right.... well they are BOTH worth having so there!
    your desk is looking good enough for a gorgeous cat to lounge over!
    JoZarty x

  17. Oh what a perfect pussy cat!!! I may just have to visit you and catnap him or her!

    I think both roses look fab and you must definitely be over your ...itus condition - LOL

  18. The roses are beautiful:) And I love the pic of your 'helper'. My own 'helper' made she she was always exactly in the way of whatever I was trying to do

  19. Lovely flowers who cares who made 'em?

    you are clearly both talented.


  20. What a sweet cat. Looks right at home on the desk! I have two that fight for the right to lay on the cutting mat!

  21. No I am definitely the last person to make the gorgeous flowers as I never heard about them till woyww. Love the kitty she seems really impressed with woyww.

  22. Oddly enough, you're not the last person in the world to make a grunge flower.... I've yet to make one too! Love the big green blind, you can just pull it down over your mess and pretend your desk is as clean as mine!

    Brenda 99

  23. Cannot tell which is the expert - they both look good to me in different ways. Was it made by your little helper on the desk?

  24. What can I say !

    great mind and all that

  25. Both flowers look fab to me - are you addicted to flower making now and have a box full of them?? thanks for sharing. No. 29

  26. I cannot tell which is which! They are both gorgeous! I was playing with Tattered Grungeflowers this week but I have never made a rose, I will have to try!
    xoxo Karen


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